Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fuzzy Thing, Be My Friend!

Tuesday was probably the most exciting day of our stay in Potchefstroom, and was the perfect send off as we move to Cape Town. We started off the morning traveling back down to Aunt Suzy's care center for the elderly, bringing the last of our gifts to some of the elderly residents of the community of Ikageng, and talking to them for a while to here about their lives. The strength of these women absolutely astounds me: no matter how they struggled, whether it be with health issues, loneliness, or otherwise, they still ended up giving us more blessings and love than we ever could have imagined. For everyone we prayed for, they prayed equally hard for us, and blessed us on our journey. Aunt Suzy sent us off with love and a message, to let everyone back home know that they have the blessings of the elders at the center and to continue to pour out our blessings to those struggling here in South Africa. And also for Pastor Steve to pay for plane tickets to fly them to America (jokingly of course)!
After that we stopped for lunch and made our way to the really fun part of the day: the Kohra Lion Park! We saw big lions, medium lions, and of course, the most adorable, fuzzy lion cubs you could ever imagine. We even got to hold one of them (and it was incredibly soft)! Finally to end our day, we went back down to the Mosaic after school program for a farewell and one last day spending time with the children, answering their questions about life in America and giving them our blessings. Again, no matter how much we cam to bless these wonderful children, the blessings and prayers they gave us in return were far above and beyond what we could ever give them. This day was a day full of joy, cute animals, blessing, praise to God, and important lessons on the importance of showing each other love. I can't wait to bring these lessons with us to Cape Town!

-Alex Lammers

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  1. Hi all! Thanks for keeping us up to date on all your wonderful travels..the stories are great and obviously a very moving experience. Loved the picture of Amy and the cub, I wonder if she would want to try to hold him in a few months. Anyway, thanks for all that you do and keep the stories coming. I would love to go to South Africa one day... Peace and God Bless, Marty Schmidt