Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It’s The Final Countdown!

Hellooo everyone!
As we get into the final count down till the young adults head to South Africa we wanted to create this blog not only to record our journey but to reflect, process and share with our friends and family back home what's going on day to day. We will be headed to Potchefstroom and Paarl/Wellington to work with our partners Mosaic to do relational work and a few projects. You’ll have the joy of being able to see the perspectives of each member in our group as we will all take turns writing this blog across our two week journey. So Enjoy!!

While this is my second trip to South Africa, it’s my first time leaving my first job out of college. I’m finding I have a lot more responsibilities to worry about than I did before making things a bit more stressful. I cannot believe I’m sayibg but I can’t wait to get on the plane and watch hours of movies 😂  But nonetheless I couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with such good friends and to grow in those relationships and new friendships! So thankful that God has helped to pave paths to make this trip happen.

Thanks for reading our blog and check us out in the next few days as we leave for South Africa,

Ashley Judge

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