Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pulling all the stops

In the completion of our stay in Potchefstroom, we said goodbye to our wonderful host Diane (having had our farewell with her husband Herman the night before) and started the day of travel to Wellington!

Our first stop was to Made By Mosaic where we got to go in to the kitchen and say hi to the chefs, who at the time were making some chocolate chip cookies. We visited the store and shopped for some wonderful handmade items to bring back home.

Our next stop was to the Apartheid Museum in . To see the cries of the hurting and the history of segregation in Africa was an experience we will not soon forget. Much was learned and felt as we walked through the halls of history showing the stories of people like Nelson Mandela and the people of this great country. It was good to see the context of the places we are now walking through and experiencing as we interact with the lives of those who have and are still being affected by oppression and hate. None of us regret visiting this enlightening museum and we will not soon forget the impact it had on us.

On to the airport we went for our next stop for our seemingly short (in comparison) flight to Cape Town! After landing, we traveled to our next stop in Wellington to get settled in to our places. We enjoyed a relaxing night of conversation and connection as we prepared in expectation and excitement to face the day ahead!

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