Tuesday, May 22, 2018



                             How good and how pleasant it is that brothers dwell together.
                             It is like fine oil on the head
                             running down onto the beard,
                             The beard of Aaron,
                             That comes down over the collar of his robe;
                             like the dew of Hermon
                             that falls upon the mountains of Zion.
                            There the LORD ordained blessing,
                            everlasting life.
                                                                 -Psalm 133

The morning started off with our den mother, Diane sharing with us our scripture for the day, Psalm 133. A message about how amazing it is for people to live together in harmony. Like the overflowing anointing of the priest, much like the overflowing of the Holy Spirit we heard preached on Pentecost.

Our first opportunity was to meet Aunt Suzie. We got to share prayer and hymns. We got to share scarfs and other goodies with the elderly Suzie has taken under her wings. We got to dwell with them in their houses and see them and us overflow with joy, tears of joy anointing their faces. We also got to spend time experiencing South African shopping as Aunt Suzie ran around like mad.

Off to Mosaic's after school program. We could not even leave the van before we were enveloped with children full of joy to see us. We got to sing together. We got to play together. Learn together. I got the opportunity to walk through the surrounding neighbourhood; a modest collection of shacks, no water, no power. It was great to see the joy on the children's faces as we walked through giving out flyers, sharing with the community a chance to worship Jesus with them. We were able to bond quickly with these children. We were sad to leave.

For dinner we were invited to a farm owned by our friend Dirk. It was an amazing time spent around the bon fire and the dinner table. We got to speak with our South African friends. We had the opportunity to learn more about their food and culture just as we learn more about the culture the children of Mosaic were a part of. They were different in appearance and with their native language.  Yet both cultures displayed an incredible warmth and hospitality towards. We were all left with overflowing joy from out brothers and sisters from South Africa.

To seal off the night Jonathan found a piano at Dirk's house and we had impromptu time of worship all singing together worshiping Jesus. Another one of our friends shared with us the scripture of the day from his phone Psalm 133 a fitting ending to our day of brotherly(and sisterly) love!

love Drew

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